Q&A with Delia Bell Robinson
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Q&A with Delia Bell Robinson

by Lisa Peet

“I never meant to tell Peter’s story, but it was delivered as if by Scheherazade, arriving in unconnected episodes that somehow began to fit together. The pieces slowly developed a grip that held me in thrall. Before I knew it, Peter’s stories had taken shape in drawings and in words, and in no time seemed to take on a life beyond what he had told me.” Continue reading

An excerpt from Donna Everhart’s <em>The Education of Dixie Dupree</em>
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An excerpt from Donna Everhart’s The Education of Dixie Dupree

by Donna Everhart

“For a time, I’d thought our family was happy, but my naïveté was only a safeguard from reality. As things fell apart between Mama and Daddy, I blamed myself, feeling responsible for how it started. But it was what Daddy did that sealed our fate. And when Uncle Ray showed up appearing to be full of good intentions about helping us out, he ended up causing more than his own share of trouble.” Continue reading