<i>The Years</i> by Annie Ernaux: Memoir of a Generation
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The Years by Annie Ernaux: Memoir of a Generation

By Alice Lowe

I have no frame of reference for Ernaux’s memories of the restrictions and reconstruction of postwar Europe, of the domination of the Catholic Church and attending all-girl convent schools.  I’m not yet a part of her collective “we.” But then she describes a photo of herself in 1955, wearing a short-sleeved sweater, polka-dot skirt, and ballerina flats, and I see myself. Continue reading

The Travails of This Family: A Q & A with Melanie Hobson
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The Travails of This Family: A Q & A with Melanie Hobson

By Ericka Taylor

What I found interesting, in writing this book, was my growing awareness that these damaged people are nevertheless united by a strong sense of duty to one another, and that even within their difficult and often hurtful relationships, there is, at bottom, a real love for one another, something inviolable about family bonds. Continue reading

The Stream of Time
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The Stream of Time

by Steve Wiegenstein

I was struck by the parallels between the war in Iraq and Missouri’s experience in the Civil War: an occupying army, a restive civilian population whose loyalties were hard to determine, a landscape in which separating enemy from ally was a constant problem, bands of freelance fighters who used the larger war as an excuse to carry out their own vendettas, and a pervasive atmosphere of uncertainty and violence. Continue reading