The Bloom Index: Summer 2013

We’re pausing today to look back at some aggregate data on the authors we’ve featured to date — both here at Bloom since November 2012, and during the year prior to our launch when we were the “Post-40 Bloomers” series at The Millions.  Overall, we’ve endeavored to present the work and lives of a wide range of authors; but we’re also excited to continue on and branch out further.  We hope you’ll stay tuned.

And so, here we give you THE BLOOM INDEX, as of July 2013:

Number of Authors Featured:  48

Average age when first book published: 48.6

Eldest at first publication:   74 years (Harriet Doerr)

Males / Females: 24/ 24

Debuts: 15

Among debuts, corporate publisher / independent publisher:  7/8

Live Interviews: 4

Poets: 2

Nonfiction writers/Memoirists:  5

American/ non-American:  36 / 12

Living / Deceased: 30 / 18

Number of authors on our current to-be-featured list:  95 (and ever-growing)

Top 10 Countries Represented in Our Readership:  U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Germany, India, Turkey, France, Mexico, Switzerland.

Bloom Post End

3 thoughts on “The Bloom Index: Summer 2013

  1. I was 50 when I penned my first novel. I published it a year ago at 55, and now I am writing a second book. I’ve also just recently picked up painting and am LOVING the fun of playing with color. We bloom until we decide not to. That’s the way I see it.
    Have a great Monday!

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